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PM stepping motors - High speed type

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We also line up high speed motors which use silicon steel metal. These are used in paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines and other office automation equipments.These series of high speed, high torque, high performance stepping motors use silico.


Product NameTorque RangeOuter Diameter[mm]Step No.Length[mm]PDF
SMF25-48100 - 1025488.5[392.3 KB]
SMF25-9670 - 1025968.5[386.3 KB]
SMW35-48350 - 100354813.0[395.2 KB]
SMW35-96250 - 100359613.0[394.5 KB]
ST35A/B-96150 - 2035968.7[439.4 KB]
SMW42S-48400 - 100424816.5[394.8 KB]
SMW42S-96300 - 100429616.5[394.0 KB]