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PM stepping motors - With Gearbox

images:PM stepping motors - With Gearbox

This newly developed geared motor uses a molded planetary gearbox. 
Large reduction ratios can be realized in a compact size, along with high output and high resolution. 
The controllability that characterizes our PM motors has also been maintained, 
allowing for simplification of the system structure and easy handling.


Product NameOuter Diameter[mm]Step No.Length[mm]PDF
PG20L-D20ø202031.5[78.8 KB]
PG20S-D20ø202027.5[78.1 KB]
PG25L-D24ø252429[74.7 KB]
PG25S-D48ø254824.5[80.2 KB]
PG35L-D48ø354845[75.1 KB]
PG35S-D48ø354838.5[80.3 KB]