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PM stepping motors - Standard type

images:PM stepping motors - Standard type

These motors rotate at fixed angles by digitally controlled electronic pulses and are used in the paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines, facsimiles and similar equipment. PM stepping motor uses a permanent magnet (PM) as a rotor.


Product NameTorque RangeOuter Diameter[mm]Step No.Length[mm]PDF
PM10S-02015~3102010.2[83.0 KB]
PM15S-02025~5152012[81.3 KB]
PM20L-02090~25202019.6[83.1 KB]
PM20S-02050~15202015.5[82.7 KB]
PM25L-024125~25252417[97.1 KB]
PM25S-02450~10252412.5[86.1 KB]
PM25S-04850~15254812.5[89.4 KB]
PM35L-024300~200352422.2[92.4 KB]
PM35L-048400~200354822.2[103.8 KB]
PM35S-048200~100354815.5[105.9 KB]
PM42L-048700~400424822.2[101.6 KB]
PM42M-048600~300424820[105.1 KB]
PM42S-048400~200424815.5[101.7 KB]
PM55L-0481200~700554825.7[102.5 KB]